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Sechs Vermutungen, sculptures and performance, 40 minutes, Gallery KUB, Leipzig, 2018
The exhibition “Sechs Vermutungen” shows sculptures as if they were walking in a landscape, spread all over in a white room. Scanning, palpating, yet covering, they are about to show definite forms and to give little hints of intimacy. They may have just left a narrow, packed, maybe even dusty room, it could have been an apartment in some city center. But now they are standing in this open space, presenting themselves in an open manner, not shy at all and concentrated and dense in some spots, giving the impression of occasional accumulations.
The sculptures also have a function as stage design, prop and costume. The room in which they are presented is a mix of white cube and auditorium. They serve as a scene for a lecture performance written for six performers. Each performer connects with one sculpture. The lecture performance is based on various texts, stories, episodes, scenes and notes, trying to understand the broad topic of artistic research. Questions are as likely to be asked as to be answered. Moments of clarity alternate with moments of hesitation and a feeling of the unfinished always remains present, representing the very characteristics of artistic research.

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