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Drawn Home Making, dance performance, graphite, white clothing, 210 minutes, Gallery HGB, Leipzig, 2016

A young man dressed completely in white. Moving in a white, quite large room. He is repetitively dancing a choreography lasting about two minutes in length. In his right hand, he holds a pencil, which leaves traces of graphite on the walls and floor, as well as his clothes and skin. With each repetition of movement, the marks become increasingly darker and more dense forming a sharp drawing. Slowly, he is getting tired and lowers the speed, intensity and precision of the choreography. The loss of energy is unforeseeable in the way the movements become blurred, slovenly and even unfinished. Step by step, the drawing also partially loses its sharpness. After more than three hours, he finally stops moving and with an exhausted expression on his face, he lies on the floor for a short minute before standing up and leaving the room.

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