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Potato Print Dance

Potato Print Making, Dance, ongoing project

Collaboration with Nora Frohmann

In our project with the working title “potato print dance” we combine our interests in movement, imaging and spatiality. In a systematic and playful way we are transferring the technique of potato printing into a three dimensional, time based medium: dance and performance. The characteristics of potato printing like simplicity, repeatability and variability make it an interesting way for us to generate movement. We are exploring many ways how to read the prints as notations and to translate them into movement: are we inspired by one sheet/image in an associative way or do we install a reading direction so that one sheet comes out as one phrase or does one sheet stand for a single complex movement? How can parameters like form, colour, position interfere with form, dynamic, direction? Do we need some kind of alphabet?

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Lecture Demonstration, Sept. 2019, Zurich University of the Arts
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