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22 06 28 Supernova MA Fine Arts ©HSLU-ThiMyLienNguyen 180.jpg
22 06 28 Supernova MA Fine Arts ©HSLU-ThiMyLienNguyen 183.jpg

Playing a Body, video installation, SUPERNOVA, Brunnen, 2022

With «Playing a Body» I investigate everyday spaces, such as apartments or bus stations, based on their effects on movements and patterns of action. My concern is to make the routinized and the automated perceptible and to release their potentials, which stimulate reflection on everyday choreographies.


The video installation with three projections shows excerpts of a performance that was performed in three rooms: black box, meeting room, forest.


The starting point of the performance are movements from everyday life. Individual aspects such as speed, rhythm or even sensitivities are isolated. This movement material gives rise to a kind of choreography, which is performed identically in all three rooms. The movements thus take on new meanings in each room.


Due to the narrow image sections, the spaces are extended beyond the edge of the image. The gaps between the images can thus be filled by the viewer’s own imagination. A new space is created.


Awarded the price of Max von Moos Foundation 2022.

Camera: Momo Erdtmann

Editing: Leoni Weber

Outside Eye: Nora Frohmann

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