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Potato Print Dance

(Collaboration with Nora Frohmann)


«Potato Print Dance» is an intermedia project in which we transform self and collectively created potato print graphics (a printing technique in which raw and cut potatoes are used as printing stamps) into movement.

Potato Print Dance has various form such as a

  • performance

  • lecture demonstration

  • written publication


among others.

For this we develop translations/systems, we want to find out when they are practicable, when we reach limits and how we deal with them.

For example, each stamp is assigned a movement. If it points to the left, we direct the movement to the left. If it is mint-coloured, we execute the movement halfway to the tip. Or we let ourselves be inspired by the printing process - carving, painting and printing our bodies. With this project, we are investigating the potentials and limits of this transfer.

In doing so, we explore how the graphic material influences our physicality in space and time and how different readings of the graphic shape our relationship to each other, to the graphics and to movement.

Our potato prints can be understood as zones of encounter. We fill the space with stamps. These are places where something is supposed to happen. Thus the stamps become places that are to be designed, that are to be given a purpose. Our work is accessed through sensual negotiations.

Thus, in addition to the potato prints, we created a wealth of material such as collages, scripts, a glossary, interviews, sound tracks and, above all, movements and principles of movement.

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